Provinces Move Toward Inclusion in Church's Structure

by John A. Rollins

Meeting on June 14-16, 1998, at the diocesan conference center in Burlington, VT, representatives of the nine provinces and the Episcopal Church Center staff took the first steps in bringing the provinces into a working relationship with the Episcopal Church structure. A major accomplishment was the creation of a Purpose Statement; this document is to be reviewed by the Provincial bodies and the Executive Council for further refinement.

John Rollins, Province II's Network Coordinator, represented President Steve Lane and Vice-president Walter Dennis at the gathering. He conveyed Province II's concern that recent General Conventions have delegated program responsibilities to the provinces without sources of funding, and that no clear guidelines existed for the appointment of provincial program personnel.

The draft Purpose Statement, which addresses those issues, is as follows:

A province, one of the nine geographical gatherings of dioceses within the Episcopal Church, exists...

To support the Body of Christ in that part of the Church, discerning the mission and ministry distinctive to that region and time...

...fulfilling the responsibilities of provinces outlined in the Episcopal Church canons, or as may be assigned to it by General Convention or the Executive Council

...enabling ministries within the provinces

...facilitating the sharing of resources as needs/opportunities arise

The Rev. John A. Rollins ( is rector of Christ Church, Pompton, Managing Editor of the Episcopal Church web site, and Network Coordinator for Province II.

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The Episcopal Campus Ministry

Linda Wilson
University at Buffalo

Mission and Purpose
Witnessing to the Gospel of Jesus Christ as expressed in the Anglican Episcopal tradition of the Church, Episcopal Campus Ministry (ECM) seeks to serve the students, faculty, and staff of the University at Buffalo through ministries of prayer, hospitality, counseling, continuing education, and interfaith outreach. In our daily events we welcome all from the campus community to visit with an office door that is always open. Students find a place where they can relax, make friends, and discuss the happenings in their life with people who care. Faculty also need an outlet from their daily routine and enjoy visiting and having conversations with other colleagues or students. In offering opportunities for personal guidance and spiritual direction (that may also include general academic advising) we look toward the shaping and reinforcing of sound moral choices and attitudes of Christian love, as well as of high professional achievement, in those who teach and those who learn.

ECM encourages other campus ministries to write and e-mail. We are trying to send our students to National Conferences and experience what other college campus ministries are doing but with funds being limited the Internet is another way of communication.

The picture [in the print edition] is of Ronald Jennings, the winner of our 1997 student preacher contest. We hold this contest once a year and usually have between three and five contestants. The student prepares and delivers a sermon on whatever topic he/she chooses. Last year we had approximately twenty students in attendance to watch. The contest offers students a chance to feel what it is like to preach and experience a response from their peers. The winner receives a check for $100.00.

Linda Wilson
University at Buffalo
The Commons Suite 112
520 Lee Entrance
Amherst, New York 14228


Note from the September issue of CHURCHFACTS, the diocesan paper of Western New York:
Ronald Jennings, who was active with Episcopal Campus Ministry for the past two years has decided to pursue a degree in divinity. He will begin his studies this fall at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

After winning the Student Preacher contest last year, he preached at St. Philip's and St. Paul's Cathedral. He also led a weekly Bible study group at ECM and represented ECM at the National Real Presence Conference last December.

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Annual Convocation of the Brotherhood of St. Gregory

Press Release from The Brotherhood of Saint Gregory
Saint Bartholomew's Church
82 Prospect Street
White Plains, NY 10606-3499

The Brotherhood and the Companion Sisterhood of Saint Gregory met in Annual Convocation at the Graymoor Friary of the Society of the Atonement in Garrison, New York, July 20 to 25. This year's national gathering featured the annual retreat, conducted by Br. Karekin Madteos Yarian (Diocese of California), who led the community in structured study and conversation about the religious vows. The first day of the two-day retreat was dedicated to the Vow of Poverty as the Brotherhood and the Companion Sisterhood understands and observes it, addressing the concept of stewardship as taught and received by the church and the community, together with the larger question of Evangelical Poverty throughout all facets of members' complex lives. Day two dealt with the Vows of Chastity and Obedience how the order lives them out within the larger society, and exploring the interrelation between the two vows. These two days of reflection were animated and welcomed by all the friars and sisters.

The sisters made a retreat-within-a-retreat in order to work on the organizational structure of their new community- in-formation. They spent one day as guests of the Sisters of the Atonement and produced a report on their progress which the friars received with great interest.

Fellowship is a central focus of these annual events and this year's was anything but an exception. Numerous meetings of various groups also took place, but it is the liturgy which is the day's demarcation worship being the adhesive which holds all else together and which attracts new vocations. The four-fold Daily Office was a centerpiece of this convocation, as always, and the Holy Eucharist was joyously celebrated by the friars and sisters in priestly orders, together with the deacons, assistants and all present. Music continues to be a mainstay of most worship services, and the Rites of the Order attract large congregations of Associates, family members, friends and supporters. At the solemn mass of Saint Mary Magdalene on Wednesday, July 22nd, Sr. Susanna Bede Caroselli (Diocese of Central Pennsylvania) made her First Profession of Vows; and at Evening Prayer on Friday, July 24th, Barbara B. Dunne (Colorado) became a novice and received the name Sr. Jeanne Marie, and Margie L. Cowan (Massachusetts) was admitted to the postulancy of the Companion Sisterhood of Saint Gregory. Saturday, July 25th, saw the Rites of Admission, Reception, and Life and First Profession in the Brotherhood, as well as the commissioning of new officials for the community. At Morning Prayer Robert J. McLaughlin (New Jersey) and James E. Cyphers (Massachusetts) became novices and received the names Br. Robert James and Br. James Paul respectively; and Stephen G. Baker (West Texas), Peter Chambers Budde (Milwaukee) and Gordon James Berghuis (Western Michigan) were admitted to the postulancy. In the afternoon at the Festival Holy Eucharist, Br. Francis Andrew Phillips (Oregon) made his Life Profession of Vows at the hands of Br. Richard Thomas Bernacki, the order's Founder and Superior General; and Brs. Stephen Julian Moss (Vermont), Gabriel Liam Everett (New Hampshire), Thomas Bushnell (Massachusetts), Thomas Mark Liotta (New York) and James Dunstan Mahoney (New York) made their First Vows of Profession.

Somehow, for about three hours a day, the heat wave which gripped the entire east coast seemed to disappear in a puff of incense, a note of sacred song, a vow solemnly made to God, and the smiles and laughter of friars, sisters, Associates and their friends!

Contact: Canon James E. Teets, BSG

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The Presiding Bishop's Fund for World Relief

by Joyce Hogg

I am sure that all of us are familiar with the portion of Saint Matthew's Gospel which tells the story of what will happen when the Son of Man comes in his glory. This provides the Presiding Bishop's Fund with its theological foundation and primary mandate which is to respond to the Christian imperative to minister to the hungry and thirsty, the sick and those in prison, to clothe the naked and welcome the stranger. "I tell you this: anything you do for one of my brothers or sisters here, however humble, you did it for me." The Presiding Bishop's Fund affords each of us the opportunity to respond compassionately to people in need here in the United States and throughout the world.

The Board of the Presiding Bishop's Fund meets twice each year and reviews applications for grants. The Fund is like many other agencies because the amount of requests far exceeds the amount of money available. That problem can be solved by each and every one of us remembering the story in Matthew and responding by supporting the Fund.

The people of Province II have received a lot of support from the Fund in 1998. During the winter the Diocese of Albany and the Diocese of Central New York each received grants of $25,000 to aid those who suffered losses due to the worst ice storm in memory. In June the Board authorized the following grants:
$5,000 Lutheran Social Ministries of New Jersey Dioceses of New Jersey
$16,000 The Institute for Education and Advocacy Diocese of New York
$15,000 Rural and Migrant Ministry Diocese of New York
On May 31, a tornado struck parts of the Diocese of Albany causing severe damage, especially in the city of Mechanicville. The Fund contributed $25,000 in emergency assistance.
A portion of the Diocese of Western New York experienced severe flooding in early July. The towns of Springville, Arcade and Gowanda were particularly hard hit. St. Mary's Church in Gowanda suffered mud and water damage. The Fund responded with an emergency grant of $25,000.

In all a total of $511,000 has been awarded in Emergency Grants this year and we need your help to provide funds for the next emergency. Please send contributions to PBFWR, c/o Banker's Trust Co., Box 12043, Newark, NJ 01701.

For further information about the Fund please contact Joyce Hogg at or call 800-334-7626.

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